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Zanshin Project Services provides an independent, flexible, freelance project management service for the property and construction industry. Bringing a professional, detailed and technically competent approach which enables more effective project delivery, reduced risk and improved cost/programme certainty.



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Victoria Case Study

Fire destroys Harvest Energy fuel station in Richmond, North Yorkshire, Aug 2020.

The rebuild of the fuel station following its demolition was welcomed by residents but had to be in keeping with the Conservation Area around it. The site is constrained on either side...

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picture of site
picture of EV installations

bp Pulse

Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

The integration of Electric Vehicle Charging points onto bp fuel forecourts was without precedent when Chargemaster, now bp Pulse, was acquired and became part of bp. The challenge was to bring together....

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“Tanya worked for me for approximately 10 years during which time I knew that I could give her any project and it would be handled efficiently and diligently. She has great technical knowledge and her attention to detail enables her to manage complex projects with ease. Her calm systematic approach allows her to come up with pragmatic and cost-effective solutions. Nothing really seems to phase Tanya and she’s able to remain calm and in control when things don’t go to plan. A good communicator with the ability to build good working relationships with all those involved in a project. Would be a strong addition to any project.”

Ian Donald Project Executive, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

“Incredibly efficient, highly technical, unflappable and detail-oriented, are just a few words and phrases that come to mind when I think about Tanya. I have had the pleasure of working with Tanya for over 15 years, during a period of unprecedented growth in the petrol retailing industry. I am always in awe of Tanya’s technical knowledge and her ability to turn a plan into reality without any fuss or drama. Tanya finds solutions to some of the most complex problems and yet always remains calm on the surface. Tanya’s approachable and empathetic nature means people are on board with her ideas without hesitation - everyone listens and learns from Tanya! Tanya made a dramatic contribution to the success of both the BP/M&S acquisition programme as well as the BP Pulse rollout across forecourts. Tanya is without doubt a true asset to any team or project.”

Sharon R Newton, Property Manager SGN Retail

“I have worked on projects with tanya for over twenty years, as a geo-environmental consultant providing technical data and assessments for ground conditions associated with fuel/PFS related construction projects. Tanya obviously has an immense amount of experience in this area. Projects are always run smoothly and on time (and presumably on budget). She has a boundless capacity for managing multiple and complex projects (and I’m sure I was only involved with a fraction of her workload). Nothing seems to phase Tanya; when things maybe don’t go quite to plan (as can happen when you are dealing with ground conditions....), there’s no fuss or waving of arms, just a desire to work as a team to ensure a pragmatic and cost effective solution. I have also been struck by how fair Tanya is. This perhaps seems an odd thing to say, but there are a few people in the industry who are just out for themselves; Tanya is not one of those people (although you’ll always need a sharp pencil, as she knows the cost, and value, of (y)our services...). Tanya is a good communicator and understands the value of promoting good working relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues alike. I have enjoyed working with Tanya on all our previous projects and hope to do so again.“

James Edley, Director at Subadra Consulting Ltd

"Tanya has a superb grasp of the issues likely to cause issues in delivery of a project and is tenacious, persuasive and an excellent communicator to ensure everyone is clear and aligned on their expectations."

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